Control your emotions: put zero harm to yourself!


The MMM Community is building a new fair world where everyone will live happily and become prosperous. If you are stressed out constantly, you will not be able to reach success. Emotional sustainability is a key to maintaining psychic and physical health. Positive thinking relieves stress and fight depression. Look at your life optimistically and you will easily achieve the goals.

How to fight stress

Focus on positive things. Have a sense of humour about any circumstances and assess problems adequately. Don’t rush in panic - calm down and take a little time to comprehend the situation. If you don’t treat usual problems as a world-scale tragedy, it will be a hundred times easier to solve them.

Recall positive moments. If your mood has been soured, switch to something positive. Recall pleasant minutes and feel emotions that you have experienced earlier. So you will get away from upsetting thoughts and hearten up.

Trust yourself. You have surely encountered difficulties for several times and have successfully overcome them. Remember hard life moments and ways you addressed them. You are a strong person who copes with issues perfectly.

Give vent to negative emotions. People feel better when they get things off their chest. If you don’t want to tell your family about problems, have an appointment with a psychologist or enroll in an anonymous group. You might even try talking to yourself. Unbosom yourself and get rid of inner worries.

Forgive yourself and others. Making mistakes, you gain life experience. Don’t punish yourself for the mistakes but draw conclusions. If somebody has hurt you - don’t be angry with them. Everyone behaves based on their manners. Ignore offenders and don’t pay attention to their words, always stay positive.

A stress-tolerant person relentlessly pursues life goals. Failures are unable to lead them astray. Therefore develop emotional sustainability and seek positive things in any situations.  Join our best MMMGlobal_MAVRODI, and get satisfying interest rates of your Provide Help sum and achieve success

The Best Team

How to Defeat Lack of Self-Confidence


The MMM Community is building a new just world where anyone may live a happy and successful life. However, only confident people achieve success. This is why you need to get rid of internal uncertainty to attain your goals. Use the following recommendations to achieve results faster.

Praise yourself for each achievement.  Even for little things. Don't wait for others to praise you. Love and value yourself. In this case those around you will respect you, too.

Make a list of capabilities and talents.  What can you do better than others, how do you surpass them? This is your personality. Find your true self — and you will find self-confidence.

Change your attitude towards failures.  People only have power over the present. You cannot change what already happened while life goes on. Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes. This is how you know what you shouldn't do. Each failure is another step towards success — it shows you the right way.

Don't be obsessed with other people's opinions.  Stay indifferent towards criticism by others. You're a self-sustaining person and you take your own decisions. You know what you're capable of. What other think is irrelevant.

Don't go against your own desires and convictions.  Don't be a puppet in the hands of others. Find your own path in life — be yourself.

Smile more often.  Cheerful people are easier to trust. People around you will contact your more easily. Moreover, your mood will be hundreds of times greater as will your desire to achieve something. Try to always look on the bright side of things!Train your courage and confidence.

The Best Team



Guiders/Participants - Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are looking for Top Leaders across the continent who would power up this new santilating platform of
mmmglobalmavrodi.com. In return they should expect most well calculated managers income/bonuses in which will result in satisfaction as a leader. Moreover, they should expect the recognition globally that they will receive since they will be engaged in this most powerful project of mmmglobalmavrodi.com

We ask you if ever your intrested to however wish to sail with us, kindly fill up all required questions as per  Google form shown here:


We will come back to you!

The MMMGlobal_Mavrodi Community  will build a fair world where everyone will live happily. Evolve and change the world, starting with yourself. Join MMMGlobal_Mavrodi, receive satisfying interest rate of your Provide Help sum and change the world by your hands!

Welcome To MMM Global !

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1. The most common classic MMM interface.

Most common Dashboard at the entrance.

2. 30% - Classic Mavro with a growth of 30% per month.

PH-request have a freeze for 30 days from the moment of the PH-request confirmation.
Daily interest accrual (1% at midnight).

3. Classic marketing plan:

Consideration. The bonus system that is stable and easy for users!

Referral Bonus: 10%

Leader bonus:

5% from the first line
3% from the second line
1% from the third line
0.5% from the fourth line
0.3% from the fifth line
0.1% from the sixth

> Referral bonus frozen until the PH-request confirmation.

> Leader bonus frozen until the PH-request confirmation.

> To get the Guider status a participant must have 10 referrals and request the status from his/her guider.(his/ her PH included)

4. Limits:

Minimum PH - 0.01 BTC
Maximum PH - 6 BTC
Minimum GH - 0.01 BTC
Maximum GH - Unlimited 

(NB: fiat currency, ETH, BCH & LTC) > to be added later!

5. Posting Letter of Happiness (LH) on the website immediately upon receipt of the LH and moderation.

6. No, extra bonuses for video-LH.
No, 3% for videos without a face and 5% for videos with a face.
For consistency and to keep running the system without any break!

7. Guiders will see the PH/GH requests and orders of their DL-structure for publishing screenshots with these requests and orders in their own groups and other groups.

8. PH-orders must be paid within 47hours. If not paid, but the PO is not blocked. (we need honesty!).

> GH fully matched 100% link
> PH fully matched 100% link

9. Multi-account detection

A robot for automatic detection of a multi-account with the following information:

1)  by IP;
2)  by Cookies;
3)  by Fingerprint (configuration of the hardware)

Verification will occur every time when user make PH, by algorithm:
If the IP address does not match the referrer's IP address, it will check the Cookies.
If the Cookies does not match the referrer's, it will check Fingerprint.
If the Fingerprint is not the same, everything is ok.

If one of these 3 options matches, the account is locked for GH.

Everyone lets be vigilant of the Multi-acc creation, these time we are serious!

1account = 1PO.

Welcome to MMM Global !

The Best Team

Time Management is more Vital in every sector!


The MMM Mutual Aid Community has been created with the goal of building a just world where each one of us will live a happy life. Its members help each other financially and earn a percentage of the help provided on a monthly basis. MMM is everyone's chance to become financially Stable.

However, Time is precious, particularly when it comes to running a small business. Yet there are never more than 24 hours in a day. Some entrepreneurs respond to this fact of life with focus and purpose. Others freak out.

Are you in the latter group? You don’t have to be. With the right approach, you can work efficiently, productively, and relatively stress-free.

Here are 6 tips for effectively managing your time:

1. Know your goals.

Make sure you’re engaging in activities that support your business goals, both short- and long-term. Everything else is a potential time-waster. Your daily plan should revolve around working on tasks and activities that directly relate to generating income such participating in MMMGlobal MAVRODI and building your teams and growing your business.

2. Prioritize wisely.

Looking at what goes into making up your day, where do your activities fit into these categories?

l) Important and urgent — Tasks that must be done. Do them right away.

ll) Important but not urgent — Tasks that appear important, but upon closer examination aren’t. Decide when to do them.

lll) Urgent but not important — Tasks that make the most “noise,” but when accomplished, have little or no lasting value. Delegate these if possible.

IV) Not urgent and not important — Low-priority stuff that offer the illusion of “being busy.” Do them later.

Write down your three or four “important and urgent” tasks including building your MMM management for extra income that must be addressed today. As you complete each one, check it off your list. This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and can motivate you to tackle less essential items.

3. Just say no.

You’re the boss. If you have to decline a request in order to attend to what’s truly important and urgent, do not hesitate to do so. The same goes for any projects or activities that you’ve determined are headed nowhere: Be prepared to move on to more productive tasks. Learn from the experience to avoid wasting time later on.

4. Eliminate distractions.

Start paying attention to the number of times someone interrupts you when you’re in the midst of an important task. Track self-induced interruptions, too, particularly those of the social media variety. Your smartphone is extremely useful, but it’s also addictive and among the most insidious time-wasters known to mankind.

It may take a massive exercise in will power, but shut the door and turn off your phone to maximize your time. Instead of being “always on,” plan a break in the day to catch up on email, call people back, talk with staff, etc.

5. Watch what you spend

How many productive minutes are you packing in each week? Use this simple timesheet tracker to quickly and easily clock in and out of various tasks or projects throughout the day. Switch jobs or tasks with just one click using the TSheets mobile app, or track time directly from your desktop. Then generate robust, real-time reports to see exactly where you’re spending your most valuable asset — and where it’s being wasted.

6. Take care of yourself.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep and exercise. An alert mind is a high-functioning mind and one that’s less tolerant of time-wasting activities.

Make sure you schedule your time management more effectively, 
Join MMMGlobal_Mavrodi, earn a satisfying percentage of the help provided and do things in your own best interests and the interests of your love then you'll realise that your goals to be achieved.

The Best Team

Self-Confident and MMMGlobal_Mavrodi work as one common goal!


The MMM community is building a fair world in which everyone will live happily and become prosperous. However, only self-confident people reach success: they are tuned positively, boldly move toward their goal and reach it. A person with low self-esteem will hardly become successful. They think that are unworthy of happiness and instinctively deprive themselves of it.

There are a lot of aspects influencing peoples’ attitude to themselves. According to psychologists, the most widespread of them are:

Improper family upbringing. If you often punish a child, compare him/her to “good” children, criticize their initiative - they lose confidence in themselves. Growing up, a man always doubts and is instinctively afraid of making a mistake.

Children’s failures. If a child has lost in a competition or got embarrassed in any other way - it’s a great tragedy for him/her. They need support of their parents, while laughing at the child in such situation may lead to psychological traumas.

Philistinism. It’s much simpler to stay a layman than to strive for success. A man doesn’t set goals for fear of failure, they prefer to live on autopilot. They are comfortable with dullness and mediocrity.

Negative social environment. It’s hard to improve your self-worth being surrounded by passive and pessimistic people. Are your friends constantly dissatisfied with their life, spreading gossips and talking about others behind their backs? Think whether you should keep going their way.

Unattractive appearance and health issues. Such people think that they are constant objects of ridicule. It is not always the case, besides, why you should depend on anyone else’s opinion?

A man with low self-esteem will neither reach success nor live happily ever after. Though, if there is a wish, everyone can change - develop confidence, set goals and achieve them.

The Best Team

How 30 minutes a day may help you change life!


To be prosperous and multifaceted, you should make efforts. Steve Jobs hasn’t founded Apple by birthright, and Sergey Mavrodi hasn’t created MMM in 10 minutes. All that requires time and energy. 

Nevertheless, 90% of people are prone to put their own visions on the back burner, complaining about the lack of time. However, to live out most of the dreams it’s enough to spend just 30 minutes a day.

What the half hour theory is?

The half hour theory is a method that helps everyone reach the desired. It suits all people and is consistent with any timetable. Even though you have been busy for 15 hours a day, you can allow 30 minutes before going to sleep. Every day, during half an hour you fulfill a task that you choose yourself. Complicate tasks with the passage of time.

For example:

1. You are dreaming of reading self improvement books. Every day allow half an hour for reading special literature. At this rate, in one year, you will read about 24 books, which is more than 90% of people read in 10 years.

2. You are planning to figure out how to participate in MMM using cryptocurrency. Give it half an hour daily. Today you have studied a guide, tomorrow you will create a wallet, after tomorrow you will already be willing to provide help.

This will help you achieve set goals

Choose various directions. Spend half an hour of your time on studying foreign languages or acquiring other useful skills. Use that period of time daily to achieve set goals. Deal with what you constantly postponed due to the lack of time. 

At first glance half an hour a day seems not enough, though it makes 180 hours a year. You will spend them profitably, while previously you have spent the same 30 minutes a day on social media news, empty talks on the phone or television.

The MMM Global_Mavrodi Community  will build a fair world where everyone will live happily. Evolve and change the world, starting with yourself.

Join MMMGlobal_Mavrodi, receive satisfying interest rate of your Provide Help sum and change the world by your hands!

The Best Team

To deal with climate change we need a new financial system


The main MMM’s goal is to make the world a better place. Is it really necessary to do? The answer is unambiguous - absolutely necessary! In the modern world there is injustice and inequality that dominate. Bankers profit from common people, bringing them into financial bondage. 

When it comes to global warming, we know that the real problem is not just fossil fuels – it is the logic of endless growth that is built into our economic system. If we don’t keep the global economy growing by at least 3% per year, it plunges into crisis. That means we have to double the size of the economy every 20 years, just to stay afloat. It doesn’t take much to realise that this imperative for exponential growth makes little sense given the limits of our finite planet.

One way to relieve the pressure for endless growth might be to cancel some of the debt – a kind of debt jubilee. But this would only provide a short-term fix; it wouldn’t get to the real root of the problem: that the global economic system runs on money that is itself debt.

This might sound a bit odd, but it’s quite simple. When you walk into a bank to take out a loan, you assume that the bank is lending you money it has in reserve – money that it stores somewhere in a vault, for example, collected from other people’s deposits. But that’s not how it works. Banks only hold reserves worth about 10% of the money they lend out. In other words, banks lend out 10 times more money than they actually have. This is known as 
fractional reserve banking.

So where does all that additional money come from? Banks create it out of thin air when they make loans – they loan it into existence. This accounts for about 90% of the money circulating in our economy right now. It’s not created by the government, as most people assume: it is created by commercial banks in the form of loans. 

In other words, almost every amount of money that passes through our hands represents somebody’s debt. And every cash of debt has to be paid back with interest. Because our money system is based on debt, it has a growth imperative baked into it. In other words, our money system is heating up the planet.

Therefore, they benefit from holding the ordinary people in financial bondage, since, in this way, they enrich themselves. However, we can perfectly do without those financial oppressors, and MMM is living proof of that!

MMM Community is a real chance to improve your welfare, obtain the financial freedom, become successful and happy. You have this chance right now, so use it! ;-). Your opportunities in MMM are unlimited, everything depends on you. Don’t be passive, nobody but you can make your life better. Therefore, don’t waste your time, change the world for better right now. And MMM will surely help you!

We will change the world, Together! 

The Best Team

5 Mistakes on the Way to Being Wealthy


The MMM Mutual Aid Community has been created with the goal of building a just world where each one of us will live a happy life. Its members help each other financially and earn a percentage of the help provided on a monthly basis. MMM is everyone's chance to become wealthy.

However, one mustn't forget that money is drawn by those who value it and tries to boost it. People often make certain mistakes on their way to being wealthy. Here's the top 5 mistakes.

Mistake No. 1 — No Striving for Better Things

You make a mistake when you become self-complacent and stop striving to achieve better things. To be successful, you need to always move forward. Therefore, never rest on your laurels even if you think you're really well-off.

Mistake No. 2 — Single Source of Income

Even if a single source of income earns you a good deal of money, you cannot totally rely on it. Anything can happen. Imagine if this source of income suddenly disappears. What then? Find at least 2 or 3 sources of income and spare yourself the risks. One of such sources — and one with a stable and high income — could be your membership in MMM.

Mistake No. 3 — Comparing Oneself with Others to Soothe Oneself

Here's how most people reason: “Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck, and it works for them — they don't die; I can do it, too. In a year I might have a rise of salary — I'll be able to afford more then.” Such reasoning won't take you too far. A rise of salary is surely a good thing, but it cannot make you financially independent. Don't mind those who have a worse or equal level of living. Look up to those who are better off than you. But don't be jealous — see them as a model.

Mistake No. 4 — Saving for Saving's Sake

Saving is a good thing, but don't confuse it with meanness. Don't sock away all of your saved money for a rainy day — let it work for you. To become wealthy, invest the money you've saved to generate more income. MMM is a perfect way to do that. As a result, saving will generate additional profit — this is exactly what people striving to be financially independent would do.

Mistake No. 5 — Showing Off

Don't buy expensive clothes, chic watches, phones and other accessories just to impress others. You won't become wealthy if you always waste your money on showing off. Wealthy people do indulge in luxury, but they have some serious wealth behind them. Do you have it, too? Spend your money wisely — then you are sure to have something you can boast of.

The MMM Community gives everyone a chance to become financially independent. Spend your money the right way, don't make mistakes — and you'll succeed!


The Best Team

How to write about MMM. A short step-by-step guide


It’s good to write about MMM . This attracts newbies and thus speeds up the Community development, enhances stability and brings you profit.

Earlier we already advised how to write about MMM to attract more newbies. This time we have prepared a short step-by-step guide that will help consolidate all the recommendations.

Where you should write

Write about MMM wherever it is permitted: in blogs, on forums, your social media pages. Don’t hesitate, since the more your posts will be there the more chances it will give to attract new members.

However, don’t get off topic (don’t write a post on a totally unrelated subject) and avoid spamming - you might be banned on any reputable site. If you read an article on pancakes recipe, abstain from writing on it 10 comments with a call to join MMM Global Mavrodi.

How you should write, To write well, follow the four rules:

Show a reader the benefits they may have joining the Community.

What will they get after they join MMM?

Don’t push. Your purpose is to help make a right choice. Tell them what you and your family achieved with MMM, give a link to the Testimonials. Write easily and respectfully.

1) Use numbers. Phrase “240 million participants get no less than 30% of their Provide Help amount’ looks more convincing than “there are a lot of people who get profit”.

2) Call to action. At the end of the text, call to join MMM, give a referral link , as well specify contact details through which you can be accessed.

What you should write about, In your text tell a reader:

1) About monthly interest rate and bonuses.Give examples showing how much he or she can receive.

2) About ideology.

3) About the MMM’s magnitude and legality.

4) About Testimonials.

5) About simplicity of participating and your personal experience.

Your text should become useful and interesting. Take a look at it from a reader’s perspective: would you find the text interesting for yourself?

Such methods are also applied to conducting dialogues. If you hold conversation, enumerate advantages, show what is useful and don’t push. Your task doesn’t change in dialogues so go by the same rules.

Keep in mind that the MMM Mutual Aid Community offers excellent referral and leader bonuses. You get 10% of each help provided by new members you invited. With such interest rate you have a chance to provide for yourself financially even without using your own money. Attract newbies and help the Community evolve. Build a fair world where everyone will live happily!

We are here on Telegram:


The Best Team

Change Yourself first! Then MMMGlobal-MAVRODI will do the rest!


This world is an unjust place. Millions of people starve while a bunch of bankers and magnates enjoy life. The poor have no money for health care, their kids' education, but the rich don't care. 
Together, by uniting within MMM, we're going to build a new just world and to defeat the social inequality. Each person is going to be happy and successful. However, to achieve results faster, we urge you to develop positive traits of character.

We will never grow tired of saying that change starts with oneself. 

Strengthen self-discipline

A lazy person who cannot event wake up on time is unlikely to achieve huge success. Such people don't set goals — they are content with their present existence. They aim at nothing, they live a passive life. 
Therefore, to become successful, strengthen your self-discipline. Wake up early, make an efficient daily plan, don't waste your precious time. You're the master of your own destiny, so prove it to yourself and those around you. 

Help others

There are many people around you who need help. Don't be callous to other people's problems — help them however you can. Help them with money, medication, food, clothes, etc. 
Those in need are happy to get as little as they can. Do good, make the world a warmer place. Be a role model for others through your actions. If each member does at least one good thing after reading this article, we will get a lot closer to the goal we have set. 
The MMM Community believes in justice — it's the cornerstone of our vision. Help yourself and others attain happiness and success — refine yourself and do good by others. 

The MMM Community is making this world a better and happier place. By helping each other financially, people fulfil their aspirations, make their lives brighter and more exciting. It helps them realize how successful they are which important for all of us. 

Many people complain about a dull, unexciting, even pointless life. This attitude brings people very close to depression, and the situation may end tragically. To keep bad thoughts out of your head, add bright colors to your life.

People often avoid the life they would like to live. They are hindered by the fear of failure. Some complain about a hateful job, but never seek another one. Others don't break off a hard relationship out of fear to be unable to find a better one. As a result, they just content themselves with what they have. Be more resolved, cast all your fears aside and arrange your life the way you like it. You can only change it radically if you want to.

Make your life rich, bright and positive. Don't be afraid of change — you need it to achieve your goals. 

Join MMMGlobal-Mavrodi, earn a satisfyingly percentage of the help provided — live a joyful life and bring joy to other people's lives!

We are here on Telegram:


The Best Team

Important Information: mmmglobalmavrodi.com


A robot for automatic detection of a multi-account with the following information:

1)  by IP;
2)  by Cookies;
3)  by Fingerprint (configuration of the hardware)

Verification will occur every time when user make PH, by algorithm:

If the IP address does not match the referrer's IP address, it will check the Cookies.
If the Cookies does not match the referrer's, it will check Fingerprint.
If the Fingerprint is not the same, everything is ok.

If one of these 3 options matches, the account is locked for GH.

Everyone lets be vigilant of the Multi-account creation,

1 account = 1 PO (Personal Office).

We are here on Telegram:


The Best Team

What Can You Say to a New Member You Bring in the Community


In addition to a satisfying monthly percentage, MMM Global Mavrodi also offers awesome referral bonuses. You're paid 10 % of the help provided by your referrals. It's your chance to provide for yourself financially for a lifetime.

However, some of us don't know how to invite new members correctly. They do find people and invite them to join MMM, but in most cases their offer is declined. If this is the case with you, you should know that your main mistake is that you present the Community the wrong way. It's not enough to say that MMM is awesome. Support your words with real evidence.

1) Satisfying monthly earnings, referral and leadership bonuses. Explain that no bank and no financial project can pay this much. Provide several specific examples of how funds can grow in a certain time period.

2)  Vision. Explain thatMMM members have united to defeat social inequality, that they want to live in abundance and look ahead in confidence. The Community helps people become financially independent, travel, work for charitable causes, vacation at resorts and start their own businesses. Together, they are building a just world for the simple folk.

3)  Scale of the Community. MMM comprises people from 118 countries, and more new members join us with each passing second. In total, the Community already includes over 240 mln people.

4)  Legality of MMM membership. MMM isn't a legal entity — it's a voluntary association of people. Its members exchange funds by choice. It cannot be banned legislatively. MMM has existed for many years.

5) Good Luck Letters. Every day happy MMM members post reviews of the Community that are published at the official web-site. It speaks volumes for how MMM pays back to its members. A potential new member may browse our web-site, watch videos about receiving money and make sure the high earnings are not a con.

6) Easy membership. Explain that being a member of MMM is easy — you don't have to have a certain level of education; anyone can understand the basics, be it a student or a retiree.

Talk about these facts — and inviting new members to join the Community will become easier. By bringing in new members, you accelerate MMM's development and boost its stability.

To finish with,

MMM Global Community will continue to develop fast and move towards its goal. We are building a new fair world for everybody. And we will surely reach this goal. The most important is to follow MMM ideology, therefore the world will change for better, and it just can’t be otherwise!

Yes, we are at the beginning of our way but we don’t even doubt that in the future the majority of inhabitants of our planet will unite with the MMM Global and the world will become more fair. We call you to follow the ideology of the Community and build a new fair world for everybody!

Be actively in the MMM Global, tell your friends and acquaintances about the Community, hold offline and online events in order to attract new members. Use any possible ways to promote the MMM Global Mavrodi. Don’t forget that each participant including you is very important for the System, and only with you our Community develops, becomes more stable and efficient! 

We believe in you! 

The Best Team

Join MMM Global Mavrodi and Help the Sick Get Better


There are thousands of deadly diseases out there requiring expensive treatments that cannot be paid for by ordinary wages you can get at an ordinary job. Sometimes people have to spend hundreds of times more on treatment than they can earn. And no one will ever give you treatment for free…

People have no money to pay for the treatment of grave illnesses

A health insurance policy can only cover a small portion of expenses (if any at all), especially if a person needs an expensive, complicated treatment. For instance, to cure cancer, people often appeal to ordinary people for financial support via forums, social networks and other communication channels. Only if compassionate people rise to the call and donate money, there is a chance for recovery.

However, ordinary people often lack money themselves which is why they sometimes cannot rise to the call even if they really want to. Those are the unfair ways of today's financial system that prevents people from having a happy life. This is why MMM is building a new world where each person will be financially independent.

MMM help ordinary people

Thanks to MMM, a lot of sick people have overcome their illnesses and started a happy life.

We call upon each of you to actively participate in the Community's activities — the life of a person requesting help might depend on you. Think about it and don't be callous. 

MMM is building a world based on mutual help — this is the main principle of our vision. We can defeat the existing injustice and create a new world — a world of kindness, compassion and justice — by uniting only. Actively participate in the MMM GLOBAL MAVRODI and help other members for the common good!

The Best Team

How to attract newbies and develop guider’s skills: how to persuade people in a gentle way for MMM GLOBAL MAVRODI!


The MMM Community builds a new fair world where everyone will have a chance to become successful and happy. To approach success quicker, develop in yourself positive and useful traits, including the ability to persuade.

Power of persuasion helps easily and unobtrusively get people on your side. This skill will be very helpful when attracting newbies and performing the MMM guider’s duties. How to persuade properly - we will tell you below.

Act without pressure

Strong pressure arouses suspicions. If a man exerts too much pressure on an interlocutor - it is noticeable at once and gives pause. Such a position often brings the opposite result - a person feels excessive pressure and “gets off the hook”. Therefore act gently, defend your arguments and make sure to show benefits for interlocutors themselves - so they will agree more willingly.

Rest assured

If you speak unconvincingly - the people around you would hardly listen to what you have said. Power of persuasion comes from your own faith. Believe in your words by yourself - pronounce them sincerely, from the heart. Study the subject in depth to be able to answer any questions asked by an interlocutor. He/she will feel your confidence and appreciate your expertise, which is the leap to persuasion. 

Apply the method of reflective listening

Learn to listen and, what is important - hear interlocutors. If to listen to people attentively, they will get in touch with you more willingly. Focus on their words and elicit the information you need. This is called ability to hear. If to understand a person’s desires - they are much easier to “wheedle”. It is just necessary to contrast their interests with yours and take mutual advantage. 

The atmosphere of trust is a sure way to conviction, therefore learn to create it. Participate in MMM Global Mavrodi , get satisfying interest rates of the Provide Help amount and achieve success!

The Best Team

Why participating in MMM is better than working!


The MMM Community is building a fair world in which everyone will live happily ever after. People will quit jobs they are dissatisfied with, will do what they love and always enjoy themselves.

Participating in MMM gives you freedom - you become the owner of your life. MMM may also be called a “job” in a sense, since you can make good money with the help of the Community. In this regard, MMM has a number of advantages. 

Advantages of participation in MMM

You are your own boss. Nobody orders, gives instruction or pushes you. It is you who set tasks and draw up the “work” schedule. No stress and depression - only a positive mood.

Unlimited earnings. No one determines the amount of your income. Everything depends on you. Use sims you consider necessary and receive high interest rates - that none of banks or financial institutions of the world may offer. Attract newbies, build your own structure - get referral and leader bonuses.

Possibility of development. There is a great number of participants in MMM who invited over 10,000 thousand new members and provided a happy future for themselves. They receive 10% of each attracted newbie’s Provide Help sum and are well provided for. Tell your friends and acquaintances about MMM, invite them, as well as undergo the MMM School’s training and be involved in MMM’s development everywhere. It is an opportunity of infinite “career advancement” for everyone, if you will.

Plenty of free time. The participation in MMM doesn’t take up a lot of time. It takes several minutes a day. If you decided to attract new members and develop the structure - then it will take 2-3 hours. If desired, you may extend the time to obtain better results.

Opportunity to follow your passion. You don’t stay at work from morning till evening, and therefore spend your time as you see fit. Do what you like: go in for sports, read books, go travelling. Spend more time with a family.

Availability for everyone. Even though you don’t have money to provide help, earn it on attracting new members. A referral program gives 10% for attracting a newbie. Having invited 100 people with an average Provide Help sum amounting to $100 - you will get a $1000 bonus. Everyone can learn how to massively attract newbies. We have mentioned that above.

No special knowledge is required. You don’t need to study at the university or read loads of literature to participate in MMM. The System is simple and clear to everyone. Even if there are some difficulties, consultants will help you overcome them.

Participating in MMM is an opportunity to provide for yourself and the ones you love without a waste of time and money. Join our Community, receive satisfying rates of your Provide Help sum, live free and happily!

Learn how to count money

This is the first rule on the way to financial success. People who keep a record of their personal finances know how to properly manage them. If you start to deal with it, you will treat your money wisely.

You will discover ways for increasing capital once you have defined more profitable sources of income. Keep track of revenues and expenditures daily, then you will evaluate monthly money flow and will be able to manage finances sensibly. 

We will change the world, Together!

The Best Team

MMM as an Easy Solution to Pressing Issues


The MMM Community is building a just world for the simple folk. Here, each person can fulfill themselves and find their happiness. Why? Because they'll become financially independent. Pressure for money is the key reason why people cannot live a full-fledged life. MMM will rid you of the want for money and the pressing issues.

If you don't want to work for “the man”, you can start your own business.

Most of the common people slave away at work from morning till night and are still poor as church mice because they are paid peanuts for their labor. It's a monstrous injustice that MMM wants to eradicate.

If you have a terrible work and you want to work for yourself, join the Community to save up money and start a business. Even a small business will still be your own. You'll start getting a regular income, you'll do what you love and you'll forget how you used to scrape a living from paycheck to paycheck. You'll be able to help other MMM members with bigger amounts.

With MMM, you'll become your own boss — isn't it something you've always dreamed about? Now's the time to live out your dreams. Join MMM and free yourself from the financial slavery.

If you get sick, you'll be able to buy expensive medicine and improve your health.

Millions of people die prematurely just because they cannot afford expensive treatment. Alas, that's the harsh truth, and you know it yourself all too well. Even treating an ordinary cold drains your purse quite significantly, let alone grave illnesses.

By joining the Community, you'll be able to buy expensive medicine should you need one for yourself or your loved ones. A well-timed start of treatment increases prospects of recovery manyfold while regular prophylaxis helps you remain healthy for many years to come. Thanks to MMM you'll be able to both get a treatment and maintain your health by visiting health resorts, spas and other health care centers.

If your kids have grown up, you'll be able to get them properly educated.

Studying at a prestigious university is an expensive business, and very often talented kids from regular families cannot unlock their potential because their families simply don't have the money. If your kid takes interest in medicine — save up money with the help of MMM and offer them a chance to get an education. Your child might become a leading light in surgery and save hundreds of human lives.

Perhaps, you couldn't develop your own gift because of pressure for money and you've been doing the wrong thing all your life. Offer your kids a chance to unlock their potential by getting a proper education and do what they are meant to do. They will surely be grateful, and you will be absolutely happy knowing that you've helped your kids to open the door into a happy future!

Your life depends on you. Don’t miss your chance. Live better instead of making the ends meet. MMM gives you a wonderful opportunity to change your future and the future of your children. Use this chance!

Your opportunities in MMM are unlimited, everything depends on you. Don’t be passive, nobody but you can make your life better. Therefore, don’t waste your time, change the world for better right now. And MMM will surely help you!

Together we are changing the world!

The Best Team 

Quitting a Hateful Job: 4 Recommendations


The MMM Mutual Aid Community is building a just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. Its members help each other financially and are paid a satisfying percentage of the help provided.

With these conditions, people have a chance to provide for their families, quit their hateful jobs and do something they love. However, some people are so used to the hateful jobs they have, they are scared to quit.

You might find these recommendations useful if you plan to change careers

1) Don't worry about not finding a job. The problem of unemployment does exist — especially in the times of crisis. However, the high unemployment rate doesn't mean a complete lack of job openings. You would have to spend more time to find an employment, but you can find a job if you want to, even in a severe financial crisis.

2) Decide what you love doing. It would be silly to quit a hateful job for the sake of another occupation you find no interest in. First decide precisely what you want to be, then start looking for a fitting occupation. Don't say yes to proposals you're not comfortable with, even if you're offered a good salary. Remember that work must be a pleasure!

3) Believe in yourself. Confidence of success is an important factor. Rest assured that you can develop all the skills required for the job and handle new responsibilities. A human being can learn to do anything if they really want to.Before you change careers, create a “safety cushion” with the help of MMM. 

4) To be able to quit your job without being scared, save up some money and put it aside somewhere safe. This way, you'll be able to find a new job at your own pace, won't have to be in a hurry and feel nervous about suddenly running out of cash.

The MMM Community is your chance to provide for yourself financially and to do the job you love. Take this chance to change your life. Your job must be a pleasure to make you really happy!

People often grow so accustomed to their job, they are scared to quit even if they hate it deeply. However, a job must be fun, not agony. 

Yes, we are at the beginning of our way but we don’t even doubt that in the future the majority of inhabitants of our planet will unite in MMM. And the world will become more fair. 

We call you to follow the ideology of the Community and build a new fair world for everybody!

The Best Team

Welcome to MMM Global


Dear friends! ;-)) 

Firstly, we would like to welcome you with warm hands! Hopefully we hope everyone would feel welcomed in our new home of "mmmglobalmavrodi.com". We wish you all the best - welfare, prosperity, love, happiness and health! Let all your dreams come true, we wish you a lot of pleasant moments and unforgettable impressions. We wish you peace, kindness and wonderful mood! 

And we continue to call you to come and participate in the MMM Global with cryptocurrencies and fiat Currencies ofcourse.. ;-))

In analysis of Bitcoin in the past 2 months it showed a big increment. By the way, it’s a good opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies at this stage, and ofcourse participate in the MMM Global.

Let’s start with the most important news - the preparation proceedings for the inauguration of the MMM Global where all countries of the World  - would partake. The participants from different countries from all over will be able to participate in this Global structure - such as Brasil, Colombia, Argentina, China, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Peru, Mexico, Argentina...and many other countries. As a result, the efficiency of the  MMM Global Mavrodi, will increase significantly, and it’s another step on the way towards development and strengthening of MMM. That’s a pleasant news for everybody ahead ofcourse ; -))

We will continue to develop and act in accordingly to our  ideologically ways and develop actively the whole community and move forward towards reaching our main goal - a new fair world. 

Once again, we want to wish you a great journey that everyone will be sailing with us,  We are sure it is possible with MMM. Be aware that your life depends on you, so change it for better right now. We wish you success and positive mood! ;-))

Welcome to MMM Global! 

The Best Team